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It took 10 seasons but we finally got some damn men on the ceiling…

October 21 | 10:12 | 521♥ | yaelstiel | rorycas

"after fighting so hard to reach the bunker, cas leaves the bunker yet again"

more like

"the writers won’t let cas stick around because they 1) don’t want misha in these episodes 2) don’t want team free will reunited ever again"

like.  why can’t cas just stay in the bunker, even if he doesn’t appear in the episodes?  it makes no sense and is a disservice to his character.

October 21 | 10:10


okay, i am not going to be snarky and flip about this, i am going to be totally fucking for real. there it is. that’s what the writers of this fucking show think the dean and castiel relationship is worth. “hey man take it easy. i got a female out in the car.”  ”yeah cool good to see you bro.”  that is fucking it. all these fucking years, the death, the bloodshed, the tears, the resurrection and the hope, purgatory, sacrifice, friendship, never change, we had an appointment, i did everything i could to get you out, this is what the writers of this fucking show thinks it adds up to. this is what they think it’s made of. this is it. castiel sacrificed his fucking principles to take that vial from crowley, to get there in time to save dean, to pull him back from the brink. and this is all the writers will give them, the slimmest fucking bone to gnaw. two bros passing like bro ships in the fucking night.

Christ. i don’t know what the fuck to say. there just aren’t fucking words to make sense of it.

October 21 | 10:06 | 960♥ | bittercasgirl | robotmango

my dash is nothing but cas hugging demon!dean and everything hurts

October 21 | 9:52 | 2♥

Angel!Cas and Demon!Dean in some weird embrace was everything I ever wanted.

October 21 | 9:47

Did Cas just….turn Hannah down?

On one hand, I’m actually surprised.  I thought it was going to be mutual.  On another hand, I hope the writers let Hannah thrive as more than just a love interest.  Still rooting for her as next Queen of Heaven!

October 21 | 9:34 | 13♥


Yet Sergio looks the proudest of all 3

October 21 | 9:23 | 860♥ | marcelovieira | allhailiker


(Tasha Marie) | Nightscape



Some pre-fall things, in the theme of birthdays.

Since Michael was willed into existence, he floats through Creation on an auditory sense alone, just hearing the Word of God—all those perfect syllables taking shape and the building blocks of the universe to falling into place. He knows from…

October 21 | 6:04 | 8♥ | adarksweetness