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Like Mother, Like Daughter


Autumn Charm | Alexei Milok

“I think Cas would approach the birthday party of a 9-year-old girl with same intensity as Apocalyptic events… The thing about Cas is that he doesn’t really have a barometer in the same way… To him, everything is important.”

Misha at Vancon 2014 (x)


Alaina Huffman, Vancon ‘14  [x]

August 27 | 9:36 | 96♥ | -wondersmith
ofamaranthlie:Thor/Loki for summer of love :)


"Where are you going?" 

Loki stopped in his tracks, the bare dirt path winding before him through the first shoots of corn. The field spread out for acres before dumping out onto the thin line of pavement. He had a bag over one shoulder, the long rope of his hair braided down his spine. There was no space for turning back, no pause in his rapid fire heartbeat to breathe. 

"Away," he said firmly. "Elsewhere." 

"For how long?" 

Thor seemed to accept that Loki wouldn’t turn, so instead he came to him. Loki saw him out of the corner of his eye, golden in the sun and solemn for once in his life. 

"For good." 

Thor didn’t ask why. It was a kindness that Loki took with relief. He started down the path and Thor walked alongside him. How many times had they walked through the fields together? How many impressions had their feet left in their father’s good earth only to be swallowed again by time? 

Thor came with him right to the edge of the pavement and there they both stopped, looking down the heatsoaked tar. 

"Do you have enough money?" Thor asked. 

"There’s never enough," Loki said lightly. "But it will see me to where I need to go." 

"Where’s that?" 

Loki didn’t answer. Thor reached out, one hand heavy on Loki’s shoulder, drawing him into a sideways hug and a press of lips to his temple. 

"You can always come back to me," Thor whispered into his ear. "There is no journey long enough to part us for eternity." 

"I will certainly do my best to make one," Loki said without heat. "Now leave me be, I’ve got hitchhiking to do." 

He felt Thor’s departure like clouds blotting out the sun. A truck came by an hour later and he hitched a ride all the way out of the state. It wasn’t until he bunked down for the night under the shielding arms of an oak tree that he discovered the gold coin that Thor had twined into the lock of Loki’s hair during that soft kiss. Loki tumbled the coin between his fingers and smiled up at the moon. It was his time now, but a coin had two sides. It would flip again. 

August 27 | 9:53 | 3♥ | dragonmuse

“I’m gonna write tonight!!”

Me fucking lying to myself  (via ohvegeta)



Needless to say, I was very happy when my friend’s cat decided to sit on a glass table.

Ghost Footies!


For you, Graham.


1979; a first war dreamcast

↳ Luke Pasqualino as Sirius Black